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Two-Tone V

This is the first nail art I’ve done that I actually like lately. Everything else I’ve tried in the last few weeks just hasn’t seemed worthy enough. But this one? This one I’m loving the hell out of right now! When I do it again, though, I’m going to use two different colours, because these two aren’t bright enough for me :D

Colours: Rimmel 825 “Sky High”, 17 Supreme Shine “Love”

Interconnecting Dots

I’m going to see Queen + Adam Lambert in London on Thursday (I AM EXCITE, YO) and I needed something that would go with my outfit. So I rummaged around in my Box of Tricks(TM) and found two colours that matched my jeans and my top; the turquiose colour is Rimmel’s 825 “Sky High” and the purple is Barry M’s 303 “Bright Purple”

Then I found s-lacquer’s tutorial on Interlocking Dots on my dashboard and I knew exactly what to do! And this is the result! Next time I’ll be more careful with the size of the dots, but I was working quickly tonight so they came out all sizes.

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