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Two-Tone V

This is the first nail art I’ve done that I actually like lately. Everything else I’ve tried in the last few weeks just hasn’t seemed worthy enough. But this one? This one I’m loving the hell out of right now! When I do it again, though, I’m going to use two different colours, because these two aren’t bright enough for me :D

Colours: Rimmel 825 “Sky High”, 17 Supreme Shine “Love”

Interconnecting Dots

I’m going to see Queen + Adam Lambert in London on Thursday (I AM EXCITE, YO) and I needed something that would go with my outfit. So I rummaged around in my Box of Tricks(TM) and found two colours that matched my jeans and my top; the turquiose colour is Rimmel’s 825 “Sky High” and the purple is Barry M’s 303 “Bright Purple”

Then I found s-lacquer’s tutorial on Interlocking Dots on my dashboard and I knew exactly what to do! And this is the result! Next time I’ll be more careful with the size of the dots, but I was working quickly tonight so they came out all sizes.

So, I purchased a nail art instructional DVD from ebay…

…because I’ve been seriously thinking about doing a course. Problem is, with a 9-5 job and no being able to drive, it’s hard to find a place that I could get to and that doesn’t break the bank. So I decided to search online for a correspondence course. Something I can do at home in my own time.

I found one on a website (which I’m not going to name for reasons that will become obvious in a minute) for £269. Obviously the kit and caboodle comes with it, but I still winced when I saw the price. But I’ve been umming and arring over it all week, to the point of throwing caution to the wind and just going for it.

Boy, I’m so glad I didn’t!

DVD came in the post this morning. 2 hours with 2 tutors; one who shows you the basics and another who takes things a step further and expands on the designs (apparently she’s a world class nail arteest, idk). I put it on and settled down to learn some new tips and tricks and designs. 

The nails they wanted you to do? Were absolutely shoddy. I mean there were a couple of nice ones, but I’ve seen better designs on tumblr and on YouTube by complete amatures! The basics tutor tells you at the start of the DVD that she’s been in the buisness 20 years and that she’s worked on celebrities. I can tell you now her work was <i>not</i> that good.

Shame really. I was looking forward to it. But, on the bright side, I haven’t wasted £269!

Autumnal Flowers

So freaking happy about how this one turned out!! :D first time I’ve tried flowers like these - I think it would have been better with acrylics (keep meaning to invest in a set) but I managed with while nail polish just fine. Dominant hand is, as always, crappier, but practice makes perfect and all that jazz ;P

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